The Our Living Waters 2030 Fund

The Our Living Waters 2030 Fund provides funding to support collaborative projects that contribute to the achievement of the Our Living Waters ambitious goal: “All waters in Canada in good health by 2030.” The allocation of funds is guided by OLW’s shared measurement system and by priorities that are established with input from the OLW Network. The Fund is managed by Tides Canada and brings together contributions from funders that are either interested in supporting freshwater protection but lack the capacity to manage a dedicated water program, and/or that want to be part of a broader strategic initiative at a Canada-wide scale.

Support for Collaboration

We know freshwater organizations want to work with others in a more intentional and strategic way but the time and effort it takes to coordinate and collaborate is significant and often unfunded. As a result, collaboration is often a side of the desk activity that can fall away when other funded activities rightfully take precedence. The OLW 2030 Fund was developed to support freshwater groups that are actively seeking to coordinate their efforts to achieve the winning conditions under the OLW initiative.

Geographic Scope

The Fund supports efforts at either a Canada-wide or regional scale. For regional projects, the key consideration is whether that project can be replicable or scaled up to help support the ambitious goal, which is Canada-wide in scope ie. all waters in Canada in good health by 2030.

Fund Advisory Committee

Proposals are reviewed by a Fund Advisory Committee consisting of representatives of funders that are contributing to the Fund and a Fund Advisor from Tides Canada. The OLW Management Team plays a support role, particularly with respect to connecting projects with the shared measurement system and opportunities to engage other funders outside of the OLW 2030 Fund.

Shared Measurement System

The proposal and reporting process is informed and closely connected with the OLW shared measurement system. Collaboratively developed from input by the OLW Network, this system focuses on a series of tangible impact measures designed to signal whether we are reaching the ‘winning conditions’. These conditions represent a set of circumstances that, when brought together, are likely to contribute to achieving our ambitious goal: All Canada’s waters in good health by 2030.

Grants are made by invitation-only and are only available to Our Living Waters Members. If you have a collaborative project that is directly seeking to make progress on one of the impact measures in the shared measurement system you can contact us to discuss whether your project may be a potential fit for the Fund. 

The Our Living Waters 2030 Fund
The Our Living Waters 2030 Fund
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