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    • Monday, October 16, 2017 at 02:00 PM
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    Over the past year, Our Living Waters Network members Green Communities Canada and the Canadian Freshwater Alliance have been inviting communities and community groups to assess the scale and success of green infrastructure implementation in their municipality using a unique tool, the Stormwater Scorecard.  
    In July of this year, we released an aggregate report of the initial round of the first 30 assessments. The assessments documented a clear opportunity for improving the way communities manage rainfall - treating it as a resource instead of a waste product and managing it close to where it falls. We can, and need to do more to advance the scale, and pace of green infrastructure investment across the country. 
    Please join with us for this webinar as we explore the findings of this first assessment, and look at examples of communities that are taking action to change the way rain is managed on the landscape. We will explore opportunities to ensure our next assessment yields much more positive results!