Shared measurement towards freshwater health

Reaching our goal of all Canada’s waters in good health by 2030 will require a coordinated approach from multiple groups and sectors working at multiple levels.

But how do we know if our collective efforts are adding up to the change we desire and moving us towards that ambitious goal we seek?

Our Living Waters directly addresses this question through the Our Living Waters shared measurement system. Collaboratively developed from input by the OLW Network, this system focuses on a series of tangible impact measures designed to signal whether or not we are reaching our seven ‘winning conditions’, which represent a set of circumstances that, when brought together, are likely to contribute to achieving our ambitious goal: All Canada’s waters in good health by 2030.

For a detailed explanation of the OLW shared measurement framework, please read our primer here.

Below is the current version of the framework:












































* The shared measurement system explained in this primer follows the Results-Based Accountability approach created by Mark Friedman in his book "Trying Hard is Not Good Enough."