Shared measurement towards freshwater health

Reaching our goal of all waters in Canada in good health requires a coordinated approach from multiple groups and sectors working at multiple levels.

The area that has always challenged networked approaches, is measurement. That is, determining if our collective efforts are adding up to the change we desire and moving us towards that ambitious goal we seek. In addition, how do we demonstrate to others—for both inspiration and accountability reasons—that this change is actually occurring?

Our Living Waters directly addresses this challenge by articulating shared outcomes and measurements.

These detailed outcomes and measures were co-created by over 28 water leaders representing 19 organizations, including both water NGOs and funders, and represents the first collective series of shared measurements to achieve freshwater health across Canada.

The outcomes and measures are divided into the four thematic areas, and consists of our overarching goal, key outcomes (in the long-term - which we call ‘winning conditions’; intermediate-term – doable within two to five years; and short-term – doable within two years), and associated metrics.

Click here for the current version of the Our Living Waters outcomes and measures.