2018-19 Network Priorities

Thanks to our members for completing our 2018 Our Living Waters Priorities survey. 77% responded, giving us confidence that these priorities are truly reflective of OLW Network members. 

Here’s a summary of what you told us.


Taking additional input from our OLW 2030 Fund Advisory Committee, and by analyzing where there was sufficient work happening on the ground (which you told us in the survey), here are the OLW Network priorities for 2018-2019:


These priorities will help us focus our resources to drive collaboration and support the Network in turning the curve on relevant impact measures. Practically, this means:

  • Channelling financial resources from the OLW 2030 Fund to these priorities while leveraging these funds for additional support;
  • Convening network members and other groups to define collaborative opportunities to advance priorities; and
  • Engaging network members and advancing national narrative around priority issues.

Want to get involved in turning the curve on these priority impacts? Officially join the OLW Network today and get plugged in!

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2018-19 Network Priorities
2018-19 Network Priorities
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