2019 Network Priorities

Earlier this year, nearly 80% of our Network members shared their thoughts on what opportunities were most ripe for national collaboration and action. This input is the guiding force behind the identification of the Our Living Waters Network Priorities for the coming year. 

In establishing these priorities we identify important opportunities to collectively advance towards our goal for all Canada’s waters to be in good health.

In no particular order, our 2019 Priorities are:

  • Accessible Water Data: Fill knowledge gaps with more data on water health while making water data accessible for everyone, especially decision-makers.
  • Green Infrastructure: Reduce our reliance on 'grey infrastructure' - like pipes and treatment plants -  to manage rainfall and invest in nature based solutions - wetlands, rain gardens, permeable surfaces - instead. In addition, drive solutions to eliminate sewage from entering our waterways.
  • Policy and Governance: Advance policy and legal tools that empower local decision-making while supporting the sustainability and vitality of the entire watershed.
  • Indigenous Water Rights: Support our Indigenous neighbours to implement their water rights, while also supporting non-Indigenous organizations to advance both the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's Calls to Action.
  • Freshwater Awareness: Increase awareness of freshwater health and threats across Canada.

These priorities guide our Network activities and opportunities to support collaboration.

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2019 Network Priorities
2019 Network Priorities
Imagine a Canada where all waters are in good health: