Canadian Businesses for Freshwater

Canadian Businesses for Freshwater is a community of businesses committed to ensuring all Canada's waters are in good health by 2030.


These business leaders know the health of Canada's waters is under threat.

Water is a key part of our national identity and is one of our most important natural resources. Despite this, 72% of Canada’s watersheds are threatened and 75% of Canadians are concerned about the quality of water in our lakes, rivers and streams.


What are they doing?

Finding strength in uniting forces
These businesses are united through the Canadian Businesses for Freshwater community, and have joined the fight to make Canada's waters clean. They know they are uniquely positioned to amplify the impact of existing efforts towards a shared vision. By becoming a Canadian Business for Freshwater, they are investing in the OLW Network, and Canada's freshwater future.

Proudly uniting around an ambitious but achievable goal
Our goal of all Canada’s waters in good health by 2030 unites the Canadian Businesses for Freshwater community with the OLW Network. To measure our collective progress it's important to have a clear understanding of what good water health means. Learn more about good water health, and how we measure it.

Investing in measurable results
Our Shared Measurement System tracks winning conditions and 24 impact measures, providing a roadmap to achieving our results and, ultimately, our ambitious goal.



Is your business ready to support healthy water across Canada? Let's take the next step together.

We are seeking partners to join this community, with benefits beginning at the $2,000 partnership level. All participating businesses will receive a customized benefits package that aligns with your business priorities.

When companies give back, the results are impressive. Businesses that focus on corporate social responsibility have been shown to gain a stronger competitive advantage, boost their brand value, and see higher levels of employee engagement and customer loyalty.

To learn more or to become a Canadian Businesses For Freshwater, please contact Andrew Stegemann, Director, Our Living Waters.

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Canadian Businesses for Freshwater
Canadian Businesses for Freshwater
Imagine a Canada where all waters are in good health: