Membership Benefits
The OLW Network helps us span the country through a shared measurement system that clarifies how our actions are aligned, can be scaled up, and whether our collective actions are making a difference.


Members learn from each other, increase their peer-to-peer network, take advantage of partnerships, and amplify their own organization’s efforts through collective support.


Members - through OLW Strategy Teams - have access to collaborative funding opportunities that address priorities for freshwater health across the country.


Members can help advise on these priorities through activities like our annual survey and participation in strategy team activities.


Put simply, none of us can achieve the goal of all waters in good health by 2030 alone. We need to work together, align efforts and identify opportunities to leverage each other’s work locally and regionally to advance national level goals for healthy waters.

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Membership Benefits
Membership Benefits
Imagine a Canada where all waters are in good health: