Protecting Canada's Estuaries

Estuaries are amongst Canada’s rarest and most productive habitats. The dynamic nature of estuaries makes them a hotspot for biodiversity and they are also a migratory stopover habitat both for species moving from the ocean into rivers and for bird species traveling north/south along the coast. Yet the very dynamism that results in such natural productivity has produced a jurisdictional quagmire resulting in very limited protection for these vital elements of Canada’s rivers.

Our Living Waters is pleased to partner with Bird Studies Canada and Nature Canada to bring you three leaders working on estuary conservation in BC, Dr. Jonathan Moore, Dr. Tara Martin and lawyer Deborah Carlson.

In this webinar, these three leaders will share their thoughts on why estuaries are so important, explore some of the many threats facing the Fraser estuary and seed ideas on potential measures that can be taken to conserve these ecosystems.


Other useful materials (as referenced in the webinar):

Prioritizing threat management for biodiversity conservation

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Protecting Canada's Estuaries
Protecting Canada's Estuaries
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