Funding Water Projects Across Canada Virtual Gathering

Over 50 freshwater champions registered for our November 19, 2020 virtual gathering to discuss the topic of Funding Water Projects Across Canada. We had a great turnout!

We gathered to find the answer to a thought-provoking question: Is there a desire from the freshwater community to collectively call on the federal government to better fund water projects right across the country? We were asking this question because of the confluence of multiple factors:

  • Organizations across the country have water-related projects ready to implement, but lack the resources to do so. As we summarized in a letter to the Prime Minister in May, the Our Living Waters Network compiled a list of over 300 such projects in only three weeks. Imagine the number of projects that exist but are not on the list? Imagine the positive impact on our waters if each of these projects were implemented!
  • There is a gap in available federal funding programs that support community-level projects across the country to improve the health of our waters;
  • The inclusion of a Canada Water Agency in the latest Speech from the Throne further indicates that the federal government is considering how to better support freshwater health;
  • There are good regional examples of organizations asking governments (provincial and federal) for support that can be a source of inspiration for other regions.

We started the virtual gathering with three presentations:

  1. A case study on the success of the BC Watershed Security Coalition in advocating for an investment in watershed security as a part of BC’s economic recovery plan (slides here)
  2. The water management context in Quebec (no slides, please see recording)
  3. Results from research on existing water funding opportunities in Canada from the federal government (slides here).

The recording of the virtual gathering can be found here, but as technology goes... well sometimes it doesn’t go fully. To note, the last presentation was cut off for reasons we will blame on 2020 in general (that is to say, we don’t actually know why it was cut off).

After these informative presentations, we broke into five smaller groups to discuss two questions:

1) Considering the presentation and case studies we’ve seen, what opportunities exist for a coordinated federal ask?

2) Do you feel there is value in making a coordinated federal ask for funding of water projects right across the country?

As a teaser, we certainly heard a lot of support for collectively calling on the federal government to better fund water projects right across the country. Our next steps are to fully digest the detailed notes we took from those breakout dialogues and then to report back to the freshwater community on our next steps given what we heard.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the creation of our virtual gathering and to all of you: the incredible community of freshwater champions!

Andrew Stegemann
About Andrew Stegemann
Former National Director - Our Living Waters: father, husband, outdoor enthusiast, water advocate, and lover of good food … and scotch!
Funding Water Projects Across Canada Virtual Gathering
Funding Water Projects Across Canada Virtual Gathering
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