What We Do
Network members lie at the heart of everything we do at Our Living Waters. Our SIX KEY SERVICES are designed to catalyze collaboration between Network members and support the freshwater community in making a splash!

1) Shared Measurement: This tool provides a north star and navigational system on the path to achieving the ambitious goal of all waters in Canada in good health by 2030. The Shared Measurement System helps Network members see how their work contributes to our common agenda.


2) Teams: Our Teams are where the magic happens at Our Living Waters! Through facilitation and coordination, we support these collaborative forums so that Network members can take collective action on specific Network priorities and move towards achieving a shared goal.


3) Influencing Federal Water Policy: We unify voices across the water community to advocate for federal leadership and influence federal water policy by leading the Canadian Coalition for Healthy Waters. This OLW Team represents the first coalition that proactively determines, and then advocates for, federal water policy.


4) Constant Communications and Network Weaving: Let’s work together to build meaningful connections in the water community! We host convenings, distribute monthly e-news, tell Our Stories, and help Network members connect with each other in French and English.


5) Bilingualism: We take the responsibility to support a truly Canada-wide Network by communicating in both French and English in our e-news, on our website, and when possible, at Network convenings. Our bridge between languages helps decrease isolation and increase understanding amongst water leaders working to protect Our Living Waters /Nos eaux vitales”!

RR_water_drop.png 6) Right Relations: Working on behalf of all waters involves more than collaboration and partnerships with Indigenous Peoples. It means restoring our relationships—to the land, to ourselves, and to each other. These ‘Right Relations’ turn our colonial worldviews inside out, helping to buffer their unjust power structures and perpetual harm. As a non-Indigenous organization that works with water leaders across the country, we are careful to support the water community in ways that help rather than harm relationships.


We’re only an email away and we’re always open to hearing your ideas for creatively improving these key services!
What We Do
What We Do
Imagine a Canada where all waters are in good health: