Who We Are
Our staff and steering committee work to make the Network thrive!

Our Staff

As a staff team,  we work together to catalyze collaboration within the Our Living Waters Network, all while having fun and deepening our connection to water.


Andrew Stegemann - Director (left): A skilled relationship-builder and convener, Andrew  identifies opportunities for collective advocacy and measuring shared impact within the Network. As one of the original architects of Our Living Waters, he is the keeper of many of our stories.

Andrew describes himself as a “father, husband, outdoor enthusiast, water advocate, and lover of good food … and scotch!”

Taylor Wilkes - Facilitator (middle): As a heart-centred strategic thinker, Taylor brings a mix of inquiry and vulnerability to facilitating collaborations in the Network. With a discerning eye for the talents of others and a playful imagination, she helps groups unearth novel ways to think, work together and protect the waters.

Taylor sees herself as a “water person through and through, happiest in the stern of a canoe!”

Rebekah Kipp - Communications Lead and Network Weaver (right): As a creative communicator, Rebekah brings her talents in writing and design to her work at Our Living Waters. With lived experience in French and English speaking Canada, she helps weave together the Network.

Rebekah is most herself as a “mother, freshwater lover, beachcomber and origami enthusiast!”

Our Partners

We are grateful for the generosity, commitment and guidance from the Our Living Waters Steering Committee:

Carolynn Beaty: Executive Director - The Sitka Foundation
Wendy Cooper: Co-CEO Integrated Capital - Dragonfly Ventures
Elizabeth Hendriks: Vice-President, Restoration Conservation - World Wildlife Fund Canada
Tim Morris: Project Director - BC Freshwater Legacy Initiative
Lindsay Telfer: Manager, Capacity Development, Green Municipal Fund - Federation of Canadian Municipalities


Our Living Waters is a project on MakeWay's shared platform, which provides operational support, governance, and charitable expertise for change-makers. The shared platform enables more time and money to go towards achieving greater impact. MakeWay is a national charity that builds partnerships and solutions to help nature and communities thrive together.

Who We Are|Our staff and steering committee work to make the Network thrive!
Who We Are|Our staff and steering committee work to make the Network thrive!
Imagine a Canada where all waters are in good health: