Bon Voyage, Taylor!

News Flash!

Last month we said adieu to our Network Facilitation Lead at Our Living Waters. 

Who’s that?

Several of you worked closely with Taylor over the years, participating in one of the many OLW Teams or Network member events she hosted. At heart, Taylor is a connector. She brings people and ideas together in really fun and novel ways. 

When she wasn’t facilitating, Taylor held space for us internally, enabling us to be at our best for the Network. Taylor encouraged changes like: 


We know it’s time for her to go, but we’re gonna miss that strategic mind! 

Where is she off to?

Taylor 'eddied-out’ from remote work to work in-person at an eco lodge for the winter (What?! That sounds awesome!). She wants to learn as much as she can about the neuroscience of play, its impacts on our decisions and wellbeing as environmental workers, and then return to our community with a suite of new facilitation tools to use. It’ll take some time to pick her next line downstream, but she’s excited to see many of you again, downriver. 

How does she feel about her time at OLW?

She loved having the opportunity to meet water leaders across the country and experiment in working together on systems change. It was the perfect position for her as a big-picture thinker!

And, what’s her hope for the Network?

That we keep water centered in our hearts as we work on their behalf. 

Wishing you much paddling, lots of silliness and some satisfying future facilitation opportunities, Taylor!

The OLW Team | L'équipe de NEV
About The OLW Team | L'équipe de NEV
While the OLW Team is now two instead of three, Julie and Rebekah are looking forward to welcoming a new colleague soon!
Bon Voyage, Taylor!
Bon Voyage, Taylor!
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